Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Getting into this paperie business is all because of my own wedding.  I LOVED all the DIY work of programs, invitations, favors and table settings.  My husband, David and I got married June 13, 2009... One of the best days of our life!  It was full of family, friends, laughter, dancing and love!

AND PURPLE!!!  Purple flowers, purple butterflies, purple favors, purple programs


I even designed our own cake with purple accents.

I still LOVE doing this stuff... one of my recent projects has been helping a friend of mine with her own wedding.  Rosangela Viana is marrying Daniel Robinson on Saturday, March 31, 2012.  About 4 months ago, we started IM'ing, emailing, chatting and visiting to brainstorm and come up with invitation designs, and in the recent weeks had a mimosas and craft day finally putting them together!!

Pretty exciting... we're now working on the programs and favors... another crafts and mimosas day on the horizon!!  Can't wait to share in Rosie's special day and see all the hard work and collaboration come together!

Another wedding related project I've been doing is bridal shower and bachelorette party decor! 

I had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid in one of my great friend's weddings... Jessica Gunter, is now Mrs. Jessica Gunter... she had a wedding no one will forget through the blizzard of Halloween weekend 2011 in north Jersey.  Even long distance, I was able to be a part of her bridal shower planning.  We did a wine tasting theme.  I designed the banner, and hand made the favors - wine glass charms!  Wish I could've been there, but the happy look on the bride's face was enough for me!

Here's a sneak peek of another bridal shower banner.  The wedding color is cobalt blue, so I have lots of white, creams, sparklies, pearls, and of course, BLUE!!  Hope you like, I couldn't stop thinking of my own, WONDERFULLY thrown bridal shower when I was putting this one together, and how for the first time in all the planning, THAT day - I really felt like a bride!  Best wishes to Marisa!


Last, but not least - is this SUPER fun design I got to work on.  The design, layout, colors, idea is 100% the handy work of the bride.  She and her soon to be husband, are very free spirited, music loving Atlanta bred love birds.  The bride's parents are throwing them an engagement party at the end of March.  I love the feel this invitation gives, just a fun good ol' time!  Makes me think of a summer time, outdoor music festival.  We can not wait to party down with the Dinoses and Gregorys!

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