Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Announcing.... Announcements!

IT'S A BOY!!!!  I am SO proud to announce one of my BFF's Nichole Rice, and her husband Jimmy had their first child this past November.  James Peter Rice, III  aka Baby James.  I posted James Taylor's song Sweet Baby James on Nichole's fb as soon as the little guy came into the world.  It's now playing in my head...

Having our own little girl, it is amazing being able to share in parenthood with my dearest, sweetest friend!  We've been lucky, quite a few of my long time and bestest friends and us have had babies all right in a row, literally.  Some of us with in 3 weeks of each other.

I had the honor to design the birth announcement for Baby James.  Being 850 miles away from my best friends gives me a heartache, but knowing I can still be involved in such important times in their lives, and able to put my personal touch on something coming right from the heart, from me to my friends means the world!

So, Nichole had an at home photo session with Baby James with Jo Anne Cobb from Jo Anne Cobb Photography.  Check out her web-site: and like her on facebook !!!  Jo Anne was able to capture all the sweetness bursting out of this little guy.  If I could've jumped through the screen to smother him with hugs and kisses I would.  Even only weeks old, his bright blue eyes are so attentive, and look right into you! 

I am still craving the day I get to actually meet him in person, and share in the joy of holding a little baby with my best friend... but for now, I at least get to tote the proud 'aunty' honor of showing the world his birth announcement... designed by yours truly!  Congratulations, once again, Jim & Nichole Rice, you have done a WONDERFUL job, he is just the cutest!!!


Love that many of my friends seem to be having babies at the same time... and that I'm so lucky to be a part of sharing in each others' mommyhood.  It has been AMAZING also rekindling my oldest friendship in the book!  Seriously the person I have known the longest is Monica.  Growing up across the street from each other, we have shared in A LOT... Plenty of ups and downs, boys, vacations, driving, school, college, and a little falling out a few years back (did I mention the downs) and unfortunate circumstances that brought us to reconnect again, but all in the circle of life... we also found out we were having babies around the same time.  Her son Ryan was born 2 months after Gia... and then shortly after, lo & behold... TWINS! 

She asked me to do their birth announcement too.  Such a contrast to the one above, but just as elegant in the simple/chic way that Monica does things.  Here is what I put together for her boys Sean & Liam... photography, once again by the talented Mrs. Jo Ann Cobb ( and on facebook  Hope you like the designs and that you think of me (us!!  GO JO!) for your next good news to share!


  1. Aww, thanks Jo!! Having your pics made it easy - Mommy Nichole wanted to use them all. There really were so many great ones to choose from!

  2. You two are amazing...We are so grateful to have two very talented women capture the beauty of our son. Melody, you know that no matter the distance, I, we feel loved. there is no mistaking that with the love that when into the birth announcements and the baby shower invites! I love you my so very talented friend <3

  3. You're the sweetest... love you bestie!