Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lots o' orders!

Well, a long time friend of mine took the plung and opened up a bar in St. Petes Beach, FL with her husband. I offered to help with any design work and she requested a logo.  The name of the bar is Beer Belly's Beach Bar, and she wanted a fat guy sitting at the bar with the bar name on his belly... So, I came up with a sketch.  And sent her a quick text with my sketch in it, and she said she liked it...

...from there I scanned the sketch into the computer and drew him up in photoshop and made him a little piece of clilp art!

My friend loved him!  Within 48 hours she had him up on the bar window, and they were ready to open.  So proud of her and the new adventure she's on... And that my fat guy is there with a smile welcoming all their patrons!!

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